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            SPRING 2019 Soccer Registration Starts: TBD

                                        IMPORTANT EVENT DATES


SPRING Registration:  01/01/2019 - 02/03/2019
SPRING Late Registration:  02/04/2019
SPRING Practice Starts: TBD.
SPRING Parents Meeting:  TBD.  Location: TBD.
SPRING Coaches Meeting: TBD.  Location: TBD.

SPRING Season Starts: TBD
SPRING Season Ends: TBD


Coaches Season Forms

Click Here For The Team Registration Site
Click Here For Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 North Texas Soccer Association Age Chart Form.

Click Here For The Team Seeding Form

Read Registration Instructions Below.

The North Texas Soccer Association Has Changed The PLAYERS AGE BRACKET For The AGE GROUPS.  Click On The Age Chart Form Above For Additional Information.

Registration Fees:
Player  Age  
  Player   Fee *
   Player  Fee *
NEW  North Texas Soccer Association 
     Player  Age Bracket  
Under 19 ( U-19 ) 80 90 2000  Birth Year
Under 18 ( U-18 ) 80 90 2001  Birth Year
Under 17 ( U-17 ) 80 90 2002  Birth Year
Under 16 ( U-16 ) 80 90 2003  Birth Year
Under 15 ( U-15 ) 80 90 2004  Birth Year
Under 14 ( U-14 ) 80 90 2005  Birth Year
Under 13 ( U-13 ) 80 90 2006  Birth Year
Under 12 ( U-12 ) 80 90 2007  Birth Year
Under 11 ( U-11 ) 80 90 2008  Birth Year
Under 10 ( U-10 ) 80 90 2009  Birth Year
Under 9   ( U-9 ) 70 80 2010  Birth Year
Under 8   ( U-8 ) 70 80 2011  Birth Year
Under 7   ( U-7 ) 70 80 2012  Birth Year
Under 6   ( U-6 ) 70 80 2013  Birth Year
Under 5   ( U-5 ) 70 80 2014  Birth Year
Under 4   ( U-4 ) 70 80 2015  Birth Year

* Player Fee includes $10 City of DeSoto Energy Management Fee for practice and game lights per the DSA agreement with the City. Player fee does NOT include $15 Late Registration Fee.

Payment Plan Option: DeSoto Soccer Association will offer a payment plan during the month of July. If you register in the month of July, you will have the OPTION of paying 50% (1/2) of  the registration fees at the time you register. 

By choosing this payment plan option, the balance of the registration fees will be automatically charged to your credit card prior to the start of the Fall soccer season.

This payment plan is only available in the month of Jan - Feb, so please register early and take advantage of this plan.

Age Verification: All children playing in the DeSoto Soccer Association are required to provide proof of birth date (birth certificate/passport) to the registrar before they can be placed onto a roster. You can upload a copy of the birth certificate or passport by (a) following the Document Uploading Instructions below, (b) emailing a scan of this document to, (c) faxing a copy to 214-988-1760 or (d) mailing a copy to DSA, PO Box 517, DeSoto TX 75123. Please note: Even if your child has played in DSA in the past, we need to have proof of your child’s age on file. Once you provide this information, you will NOT need to provide it again in the future.

Login Information – Players returning from last season – You will be receiving an e-mail from DSA with your Username and Password. Please use this account and DO NOT create a new account because we can lose information when multiple accounts are entered into the system. All of your previous information will already be pre-filled for your convenience. You will be given the opportunity to correct any of your contact information as you register as well as add players to your Family Account. If registering multiple players, be sure to login to your FAMILY ACCOUNT and not the PLAYER ACCOUNT.

                                           Click Here to Register

Login Information – Players that did not play before – You will be prompted to set up your user account before you actually register. Those of you with multiple kids playing need to set up a FAMILY ACCOUNT. If you only have one child playing you may set up a PLAYER ACCOUNT. Keep in mind the email you use for this account will receive all of our news, updates & other correspondence. We prefer this email address belong to the Parent and not the Player so we know that you are receiving our communications. 

                                           Click Here to Register

NON-DeSoto Resident Players - If you reside outside the Gray shaded area below, you will need to register as a Non-DeSoto Resident. A Player Release form is required for all players that want to play on a team with DeSoto Soccer Association and live within the boundaries of another city (your home soccer association). The Release Form can be located in the FORMS/DOCUMENTS section of our website located on the Home Page on the right side. Please return the completed form by (a) following the Document Uploading Instructions below (b) emailing a scanned copy to or (c) faxing a copy to 214-988-1760.

                               Click Here to Register

***If you reside within the Gray shaded area below, please register as a DeSoto Resident. All addresses will be audited. If you do not select the appropriate charge, your registration may be delayed and prevent your child from being placed on a team until all fees are paid.

FAMILY ACCOUNT for managing multiple players - It is also important to understand each player must have their own unique account. Please use the family account which allows you to manage multiple player accounts with one unique family account username. If you want to find out more about family account please download the Family Account Handbook - for detailed answers to your questions.

Academy Only Players – If your child is playing Academy only and will not be on an DSA Recreational Team, please register On-line, download a copy of the Academy Player Registration form from the FORMS/DOCUMENTS section of our website located on the Home Page on the right side. Please return the completed form by (a) following the Document Uploading Instructions below (b) emailing a scanned copy to or (c) faxing a copy to 214-988-1760.

Coaches – As an appreciation of our coaches volunteering to coach, DSA offers a 50% discount to register ONE of your children. You will receive an email with a voucher number to register your child.

Refund Policy - DSA will refund 100% of the fees to anyone requesting a refund before the seeding meeting. Refund requests must be made in writing by emailing Requests submitted after the seeding meeting but before games begin will receive a 50% refund. Requests submitted on or after the date games have begun will not be honored. All monies will refunded to the card used for payment. Refund checks will be issued approximately 3 weeks after the season begins regardless of when the request was made. Late fees are non-refundable.

Special Requests - Parents may request their child to play with a sibling. Parents may also request their child to play up one age level. Players cannot play down an age group. If you do not make the request at the time of registration, we will be unable to accommodate. Special requests can be made by filling in the NOTES section during the registration process. Please note that we will make every effort to accommodate your special request but it is not guaranteed.

Team Formation Procedures - Team Formation is based on birth year. We will take requests for players to play with a friend, coach, team, and carpooling considerations, but cannot guarantee those requests will be granted. Placement is based on availability. Players are placed on teams beginning February 2019.

All NEW players are placed in an unassigned / draft player pool for team placement.

RETURNING PLAYERS have first priority to return to the team they played on the previous season. A returning player that wishes to be placed on a new team must register as an unassigned player. Please add a comment in the note section, a new team is requested. Returning players that skipped a season and wish to return to their original team can do so only if there is space available on the roster after registration closes. These players must register on time into the unassigned pool and place a request.

Lost Login Information

If you have lost your player login information

a) Click Here to retrieve your Login information.

b) Type in your email address.
c) Our system sends an email immediately with all relevant login information. If you do not receive it please look in your Junk or Spam folder.
           i. The address will be
           ii. The email will be titled GotSport Support
           iii. The subject will be “Your Player Profile login Information”

For lost Family Account information Click Here  to retrieve Login Information.

1. Log onto
2. Click on User Login in the top right hand section of the webpage
3. Click on the Players & Families login link
4. In the Individual Player section, put in the username and password. If you do not have your information, please email to get it.
5. Click on the My Profile link (in the grey section near your child’s name)
6. Click on the Club Documents button on the left hand side.
7. Click on the Upload Documents for DeSoto SA link
8. Type in the File Description as the “Player’s name - Birth Certificate”. Click Browse to look on your computer for the document. Select the document and click the Upload File link
9. ALL players MUST UPLOAD a facial photo prior to start of season, in order to be allowed to play.

SPRING 2019 Late Registration -  Late Registration will be accepted ONLY while there are open slots. When open slots are filled, registration will be closed. Please register EARLY.

Once registration is closed - The DeSoto Soccer Association registrar and Age Group Coordinators will hold a Parent's Meeting. At this meeting the age group coordinators will identify how many new teams will need to be formed and coaches that will be needed. Questions will be answered and coaches identified. Teams can then be formed and parents will be contacted. Ideally we will have two weeks prior to the season starting. New coaches will be given dates of coaches clinics and information on background checks at this meeting.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for information on practices, uniforms, etc.

                                   RESPECT THE REFEREES

Many of the referees our local youth; please treat them as you would want others to treat your children. The adult referees are there for your player as well. Do not expect to have a perfect game called. Do not approach them on the field for any clarification of any rules. If you have a concern/ issue that needs to be addressed, please email the Referee Assignor By Clicking Here

Please respect and support our referees. Without referees, soccer games cannot be played !!!


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