DSA Developmental Modified Soccer
The philosophy of Modified Soccer is to have fun and to teach the younger child skills and sportsmanship in a manner that is consistent with the child's emotional, physical and mental enjoyment .  Modified Soccer should emphasize enjoyment OVER competition and offer maximum playing time for each child that allows the most opportunity of touches on the ball.


  • Leagues standings shall not be recorded in U5 through U9 Divisions.  All players in these division receive participation awards. 
  • Referees shall be USSF registered and all infractions shall be briefly explained by the referee to players, and if necessary, to coaches. 
  • Explanation of infractions to coaches shall not interrupt the flow or spirit of the game. 
  • All players, parents, coaches and spectators should shake hands after each game as good examples of youth to follow.
  • Coaches, non-players team members, parents/spectators should be located not less than one yard from the touch line and refrain from getting any closer to the goal line than the "18 Yard Line" (penalty area marker).  No Individual shall be allowed to to run the length of the field except the participants in the game.
Modified Playing Rules
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