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Important Documents
 Title Description
Parent/Gaurdian Code of ConductDownloadDSA Guardian Code Of Coduct
Modified Playing RulesDownloadModified Playing Rules
Map to Grimes Park Soccer ComplexDownload 
Sit out VerificationDownloaduse to log penalities occuring during games.
Reimbursement/check requestDownloadReserved for board members and officials only
Player Code of ConductDownloadPlayer Code of Conduct
Coaches Code of ConductDownload 
Check Request/ReimbursementsDownloadFor Authorized officials only
Academy Player RegistrationDownload 
DSA By LawsDownloadBy Laws Amended January 2014
DeSoto Grimes Soccer Complex Field LayoutDownload 
Tournament Forms
 Title Description
Team RosterDownloadNeeds validation by Registrar
Youth Guest Player Download 
Referee Misconduct ReportDownload 
Academy RegistrationDownloadNTX Soccer
Medical ReleaseDownloadrequires notary
Registration Documents
 Title Description
Refund/ Special RequestDownload 
Photo ReleaseDownload 
Practice RequestDownloadCoaches complete to schedule pratices
Release FormDownloadUse when changing teams or Associations
NTSSA Age Chart Fall 2018 - Spring 2019DownloadUse to determine appropriate age divisions
Insurance Forms
Insurance Claim FormDownload
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