Requirements of the DeSoto PALS FUA
Teams Formation:

The DeSoto Soccer Association registrar and Age Group Coordinator will identify how many teams will be formed and new coaches needed.  All returning players from the previous season that sign up during open registration will be assigned back to their teams.  Returning players from the previous season that sign up after open registration (late) will be assigned to their previous teams as space is available.  Therefore it is important that returning players sign up during open registration to ensure their slot on the team.

All new players will go into a pool of players and be assigned to open spots on teams.  returning players that did not play in the previoous season will be placed into pool.  Every effort is made to honor special request; however there is no guarnatee that hte request can be accommodated.

Age Group coordinators will contact parents of newly formed teams to solicit volunteers to coach.  As with most recreational sports, DSA Soccer is coached by Volunteers, typically parents.  DSA DOES NOT have a pool of coaches wanting to coach.  If youwould lke to coach, please indicate so on the registration form.

Please note that you will not be contacted by DSA coach in regard to which team your child has been placed on until after the Pool Assignment have occurred.
The DSA board is responsible for opening and securing soccer fields where required on game days.

DSA is responsible for making sure fields are ready for play. The City of DeSoto may make decisions on closing  facilities and/or fields where public safety may be compromised.

In the event of bad weather

DSA is concerned with the safety of our youth, parents, fans, and volunteers. Often it may be necessary to close our facility due to inclement weather. Please understand that your safety is our utmost concern when this occurs.

Additionally, often it is necessary to maintain the integrity of our facility after rainfalls by closing the fields in order to prevent the degradation of the playing surface and prevent injuries to the players.

Two hours prior to the start of the first game of the day, designated personnel will determine if the weather will permit play. In the event of adverse weather changes, the referee has the authority to suspend games or call games completed. When this occurs, all players should clear the field and facility immediately. We ask that all participants, parents, coaches and fans return to their vehicles

Cancellation text messages or emails can be obtained at:   

Sports IDs

Sports IDs will be checked pior to the start of each game for DeSoto sports as required by the City of DeSoto Facility Use Agreement. All participants, coaches and managers are to buy IDs from the City of DeSoto PLAS department. Refrees and/or DSA boards members will check ID against games rosters for each team.

Best Southwest Interplay teams will have Sports ID as required by interplay rules. Failure to present IDs may prevent a player from participating in that game.

Board Duty Responsibilty

DSA designated board members will oversee all events at the Grimes Soccer Complex during Saturday games.

Weekday or evening games may have board members present.

Board members have the power to expel any participant and/or spectator from the faciility, if such participant or spectator is deemed to be unruly, out-of-order, formenting or causing others to forment troubles.

How fees are applied
NTSSA recommends that registration fees be kept to a minimum amount, however; while DSA attempts to keep these fees low,  there are varied expenses involved with running a league of 500 or more players.

To keep costs low, each season DSA requests for volunteers and in-kind services and donation to complement the low fees. If you will like to volunteer your time and / or services, please call
972 - 217 - 0533.

Your fees are applied in the following manner below:

Officials $ 22.00
Monitors $   3.00
Insurance/ Background Checks $   8.00
Awards/ Equipment $ 14.00
Advertisments/ Web Site $   6.00
Administrative Fees $ 12.00
Total $ 65.00

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